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Learn how roads and infrastructure are used

Government and commercial stakeholders recognize the need for real-time and reviewable data. Rekor provides powerful tools for surfacing actionable intelligence that keeps motorists and officials happy. Our solutions leave no stone unturned to bring you data-driven insights.

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Easy-to-use solutions and interfaces keep you updated

Getting started is easy, delivering data from multiple sources for instant and extended insights into the life of each road.

Access engineering planning studies

Create and export report data to examine and bolster infrastructure plans.

Study traffic flow, patterns, and volumes

Understand the way your roads are driven on to stabilize, fix, and upgrade infrastructure.

Group electric vehicles for charging station planning

Cutting-edge sensors can differentiate between vehicle types to provide better roadway knowledge and planning.

Monitor EPA vehicle pollution & other emissions

Use our advanced systems and third-party data to monitor problematic emissions, keeping air cleaner.

Track vehicle speeds to detect overspeeding

Connected sensors and third-party data feed stakeholders dynamic intelligence on dangerous driving.

Share data access with other departments

Using advanced user-access tools, provide access and send data to other agencies and departments.


Commercial entities and government agencies depend on Rekor

Measurable, reliable information paints a full picture of how vehicles move and what they need to keep going.

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Traffic Management
Public bus zooming down the road in a city
Transit Providers

Turn the corner to fuller, more accessible analytics

Every street corner is unique and we get smarter with each road we see. Let us demonstrate what we know, problems we have helped solve, and how Rekor can customize solutions to your agency or commercial use case.

Rekor is big on machine learning, but more than that we have a stellar team of smart human beings who truly care and are ready to help you. Let us know what's on YOUR brain, and we promise to get back to you ASAP with a thoughtful response.

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