How we help VeroGo seamlessly reward loyal shoppers with real-time perks

Waves purchased their own IP cameras, placed them in prime locations, and easily integrated Rekor CarCheck with their customer database. These decisions have grown unlimited car wash per month memberships and increased revenue.

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Retail & Hospitality

About VeroGo

VeroGo is a joint venture between NI Investments, Banrisul Bank, Vero and Indigo Group, a key global player in car parking and urban mobility that manages more than 5,050 car parks, 3,000 km of on-street parking, and approximately 2.3 million parking spaces and related services in 10 different countries.


Retailers worldwide rely heavily on loyalty and rewards programs to cultivate customer relationships and drive sales. This is especially important in Brazil as 92% of Brazilians reported that they require rewards from brands as loyal customers in order to build a relationship with them. Brazilian retailers have responded, with 96% offering some sort of promotion to drive sales, and 89% offering actual loyalty programs to reward shoppers. VeroGo needed an innovative technology partner to meet the demands of customers and drive revenue and loyalty.


VeroGo purchased licenses to use Rekor Scout™ on-premises and upgrade 1,785 cameras at retail locations throughout Brazil for the next five years. This allowed retailers to reward customers with discounted parking fees for in-store purchases.


VeroGo saw such success with the initial deployment, it expanded the program and has been able to meet and exceed expectations of loyal customers and engage them in ways not previously possible.

"Our choice for Rekor transcends not only because they are the best vehicle recognition system on the market, but because they are a great technology partner, with the ability to go much further in this disruptive market of urban mobility." - Fernando Stein, Board Member