Operational Efficiencies

Integrated AI-powered intelligent solutions provide valuable insights that improve efficiency and automate manual operations.
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Intelligence with a purpose

Leveraging data to make businesses smarter

Rekor provides businesses and property managers with actionable, real-time data to enable informed decisions and automate operations. Through secure and intelligently integrated solutions, users can increase security, manage customer churn, and improve revenue opportunities.
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Rekor Benefits

Modern solutions for a modern world

Rekor is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data to improve operations.

Access control

Advanced vehicle recognition allows entry and exit of approved and authorized vehicles, creating a low-cost, frictionless experience.

Property analytics

Advanced analytics across campuses and neighborhoods help analyze traffic flow, unsafe conditions, time on property, new visitors, and more.

Anomaly detection

Operations are kept running smoothly by detecting unusual patterns and hazardous circumstances before they become significant threats.

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Purpose Built Solutions

Integrated, efficient, and secure operations

Because Rekor is a leading provider of advanced AI and machine learning technology to businesses, educational institutions, and municipalities across the globe, Rekor's solutions have been rigorously tested and proven to increase operational efficiency. And with this, Rekor enables streamlined processes, the ability to scale quickly, and full developmental support.


Streamline and enhance your workflow

By providing accurate and effortless LPR on a smartphone, Rekor Go enables individuals and businesses to increase productivity and revenue.

Visitor management

Schools can securely identify valid visitors for student pick-up lines, while businesses can prioritize VIPs for preferred access.

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Parking operations

Parking lot managers can easily allow and/or prevent access to parking facilities through whitelists and blacklists.

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Campus & event security

Campus and event safety officers can be notified when vehicles of interest enter campus property or private events.

Asset recovery

Asset recovery agents can quickly locate and identify vehicles of interest to facilitate efficient recoveries.

REKOR CAse Study

Automating security to prevent trespassing

Because of the size of their parking lots, it was prohibitively expensive for the company to cover the entire area with video surveillance or add manned guard stations. Luckily, Rekor Scout™ is able to achieve high success rates in environments where other security solutions fail, which saves money on the initial hardware purchase, as well as ongoing maintenance.

“We downloaded Rekor's OpenALPR software and we were immediately getting 20% better accuracy across both lanes.”

Owner, Industrial Chemical Company

Companies LEVERAGING Rekor

Field tested and approved

Don't take it from us, take it from those that are making smarter, faster and more informed decisions with our AI-driven intelligence.

Tire Profiles uses Rekor to lookup vehicle data and connect it to customer data whenever a vehicle is scanned anywhere in a service facility.
Waves integrated Rekor with their existing customer database and IP cameras to process customers faster in the car wash queue.
Mastercard integrated Rekor into its AI Powered Drive Through Platform to transform drive-thru and drive-in customer interactions.