Public Safety

Advanced vehicle recognition and roadway intelligence solutions help prevent, interrupt and solve crimes in communities worldwide.
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Safety for all

Building safer communities, together

Rekor strengthens safety and security efforts for agencies, neighborhoods, and corporate & educational campuses with advanced real-time vehicle intelligence. Enhanced security is made more effective and efficient with actionable data from across the entire connected public safety network.
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Rekor Benefits

Better information to take action

Keeping communities, roadways, and people safe is essential, Rekor provides solutions to help security professionals prevent and solve crimes.

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Vehicle of interest location

Law enforcement can search historical vehicle detections from fixed, mobile and handheld cameras to generate leads and accelerate investigations.

Real-time, intelligent alerts

Officers receive immediate alerts based on the license plate, vehicle make, model, color and type of vehicle to help accelerate investigations.

Unsafe condition detection

By detecting unusual traffic patterns and hazardous circumstances before they become significant threats, roadways and citizens are kept safe.

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Cost Effective Solutions

Rekor's advanced solutions are a force multiplier

As a leading provider of advanced ALPR technology to law enforcement and public safety officers across the globe, Rekor's solutions are an affordable and effective way to increase public safety and security efforts. Software and hardware solutions with affordable subscription plans and lifetime support are available on our eCommerce portal,


Trusted by departments of all sizes

Don't take it from us, take it from those that are using our solutions every single day to make their communities safer.

Westchester County, New York Police Department
“Rekor has become the new standard in LPR technology for Westchester, NY.”
Lt. Brian Hess
Westchester County, New York PD
Mobile, Alabama Police Department
“Rekor continues to assist in the apprehension of our community’s most violent offenders.”
Cmdr. Kevin Levy
Mobile Alabama PD Technology & Cyber-Intelligence
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee Police Department
Rekor’s solutions fit the needs of our department both now and for the future.
Chief James Hambrick
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee PD

MT. Juliet, TN Police Department

Launching a robust ALPR program

Before selecting the Rekor Edge Series and Rekor Scout™ software, the Mt. Juliet Police Department and IT professionals conducted rigorous testing and an extensive review of the Rekor systems against other leading license plate recognition systems. After testing was completed, the Rekor solutions clearly outperformed competitors.