Roadway Intelligence

Leverage advanced roadway intelligence solutions to connect your state, city, and communities with amplified intelligent traffic solutions.
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Serving multiple missions from a single source

Rekor delivers actionable insights to agencies across cities and states for the enhancement of public safety, policing, and traffic monitoring. Within each community, every individual system provides this intelligence, combining to form a comprehensive, smart roadway network.
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Rekor Benefits

Building smarter roadways and cities

Rekor is committed to creating a safer future for everyone by providing invaluable information for the betterment of states, cities, and communities.

Improves infrastructure

Traffic flow and emissions are improved by Rekor's ability to count vehicle totals, analyze congestion patterns, and generate detailed traffic reports.

Increases safety

By detecting if a vehicle is driving the wrong way, the subject of a criminal investigation or AMBER alert, or traveling at a dangerous speed, Rekor provides life-saving data.

Generates revenue

By analyzing all aspects of the roadway, Rekor can help enable congestion pricing, licensing & registration compliance, and scofflaw enforcement.

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REKOR One Deployment

Comprehensive, safe and smart roadway networks

Rekor has quickly become a leading provider of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to cities, states, and municipalities across the globe. With support for over 500 regions worldwide, Rekor One provides advanced roadway intelligence through a single centralized system that utilizes existing cameras and current technology investments to provide a comprehensive transportation solution.

Rekor chosen as partner for NVIDIA Metropolis

As part of NVIDIA Metropolis™, Rekor is bringing AI-powered roadway intelligence to cities around the world. And because our software runs efficiently on NVIDIA hardware, we can process multiple video streams at once and identify many more data points per watt of power compared to CPU processing, making it an effective and affordable solution.

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Companies LEVERAGING Rekor One

Trusted on roads across the globe

Don't take it from us, take it from those that are making smarter, faster and more informed decisions with our AI-driven roadway intelligence.

Rekor’s AI-powered roadway intelligence is offered to Nokia’s worldwide customer-base to track video analytics and detect anomalous behavior in smart cities.
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E-470 deploys Rekor's cloud-based toll reading solution on a large western highway to provide 75 million annual vehicle recognition reads for tolling.
SecurePark offers Rekor's parking and permit management software to its global client-base as a reliable and affordable enforcement solution.