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Bridges, roads, tunnels, and other structures mark the evolution of human movement and intelligence. Rekor's AI solutions give you insights that are easy to interpret and ready to use. Whether you're at the drafting stage or already broke ground, you need both real-time and historical data that reassure your clients that whatever you put in place will function as planned--safely and for the long term.

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Learn how roads and infrastructure are used

Combine real-time infrastructure data with third-party data to inform your engineering decisions during every stage of your projects. Expansive geographic views let you design durability for full-length journeys, sensors and intelligent monitoring help you detect speed and traffic patterns, as well as vehicle types, and continuous data brings you the confidence to design for all seasons. Wow your private and public clients with in-depth, reliable reports and lasting builds.


Find the impact study data you need instantly

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Speed analysis over time

Gain access to instant insights on the speeds at which vehicles drive around your city.

Charging station planning

Analyze how and where electric vehicles move around a city to know exactly where to build electric charging stations.

Vehicle count breakdown

Learn which vehicle types are most prevalent in your city to plan infrastructure upgrades and expansions.


Top benefits that Engineering Firms need

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Conduct one-off studies

Adjust to changes in your projects nimbly and confidently by using our solutions to initiate and retrieve ad-hoc studies.

Employ accurate data

Inches can be a matter of life and death in engineering projects. Rekor's tools are tuned to the finest level of detail.

Assess traffic patterns

Be confident in knowing what rumbles down the roadway with Rekor's traffic trend data and time-series visualizations.

Increase worker safety

Identify and mitigate risks to maximize your team's safety on the job site, saving project time and potentially lives.

Monitor emissions

Tap into emissions monitoring data to show maximum green impact while staying ahead of clean energy trends and EV needs.

Comply with regulations

Avoid costly slowdowns and shutdowns by using clear, timely data to demonstrate regulatory compliance in your projects.


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