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Data-driven solutions that move transportation forward

Departments of Transportation are champions of safety, innovation, and infrastructure that benefit every motorist as well as pedestrians. Transportation planning requires focus and foresight, yet it can be tough to stay on top of the special needs of each place. Plan for safe, efficient movement that boosts the economy and quality of life using Rekor's rich, data-driven solutions to get you there.

Road with fast moving traffic in downtown city
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Use real-time intelligence to manage roadway incidents

A smooth commute won't make news, but everyone knows about a wreck or a bottleneck. With lives at stake and economic productivity resting in the hands of transportation departments, incident prediction and quick response are critical to maintaining safe, calm roads. Rekor's cross-agency solutions provide interoperability based on a combination of real-time traffic data and relevant third-party data. Rekor gives DOTs a more complete picture of the road at any point on the map and at any point in time.


Pull report data to examine and bolster plans

Speed analysis over time

Gain access to instant insights on the speeds at which vehicles drive around your city.

Charging station planning

Analyze how and where electric vehicles move around a city to know exactly where to build electric charging stations.

Vehicle count breakdown

Learn which vehicle types are most prevalent in your city to plan infrastructure upgrades and expansions.


Recognize irregular activity and review past video data

DOTs know that past is prologue--Rekor's innovative video solutions include features built from the ground-up in concert with knowledgeable local transportation department officials. Leverage multiple existing data sources gathered from across agencies to add range and depth to your real-time vision of traffic. Archival video access means you can replay and review video of normal vehicle flows and abnormal incidents to understand where, when, and how congestion and accidents happen.

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Top benefits that DOTs need

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Receive wrong way alerts

Wrong-way driving is so dangerous that early detection is key--we help you see trouble in a snap and prevent disaster.

Group cameras together

Link networks of cameras for continuous views or focus them on one spot to get every angle of traffic or an accident.

Detect unsafe speeds

Connected sensors and third-party data feed dispatchers and law enforcement dynamic intelligence on dangerous driving.

Share data access

Make sure all the right people and agencies see what they need by setting up multiple users with our integrated solutions.

Categorize vehicles by type

Cutting-edge optical sensors can differentiate between vehicle types to provide better roadway knowledge and planning.

Monitor vehicle emissions

Use our advanced sensor systems and third-party data to monitor and predict problematic emissions, keeping air cleaner.

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Nevada reduces crashes and incident response times

Rekor's full range of technology solutions for local agencies helped the Nevada Highway Patrol, Nevada Department of Transportation, and other stakeholders cut speeding by 43% and collisions by 18% in the southern part of the state. Using artificial intelligence to process crowdsourced data, Rekor worked with local partners to identify areas and times of focus to direct increased speeding enforcement and ready incident response. Such traffic harmonization is achievable anywhere our solutions are used.


Let's get your department up to speed

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