Transportation and Smart Cities

Leverage advanced license plate and vehicle recognition solutions to connect your city and amplify your intelligent traffic solutions.

Building smart cities today

Provide your residents with greater sustainability, safer roadways and a higher quality of life with advanced vehicle recognition.
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Reduce risks, traffic delays and pollution with AI-driven insights

Enhance intelligent transportation systems with real-time roadway intelligence to minimize accidents and manage traffic much more effectively.

  • Journey time analysis for better traffic management
  • Alerts for speed and object anomalies to help correct unsafe conditions
  • Integrate into existing traffic camera infrastructure
Multiple cars being logged by Rekor LPR system

Integrate AI-driven ALPR into your tolling system

Rekor’s advanced vehicle recognition technology provides toll collection operators a means to record, report, and collect license plate information at unmatched levels of accuracy to streamline collection and business processes.

  • High volume accuracy
  • Fast, frictionless toll collection
  • Eliminate risk inherent in transferring funds
Cars moving through toll booth

Increase efficiencies and revenues with AI-driven parking technology

Leverage advanced vehicle recognition in your parking operations and enforcement programs to quickly locate offenders, recover critical revenue and drive compliance going forward.

  • Receive scofflaw alerts and recover critical revenue
  • Seamlessly facilitate metered and permit parking
  • Decrease ticket disputes
Car in motion through enclosed space

Rekor chosen as partner for NVIDIA Metropolis

As part of NVIDIA Metropolis™ Rekor is helping bring advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics to cities around the world.

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Rekor Edge camera pointing at traffic
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Rekor has quickly become a leading provider of advanced ALPR technology to smart cities across the globe. Learn more about our products and how they can complement current technology investments and intelligent transportation solutions initiatives.

Trusted on roads across the globe

Don't take it from us, take it from those that are making smarter, faster and more informed decisions with our AI-driven roadway intelligence.

Solutions for every situation

By offering a subscription purchasing model for both hardware and software, Rekor is able to provide affordable solutions with unparalleled lifetime support.
Computer screen showing Numerus software
Electronic Toll Collection Software
  • Secure, cloud based platform
  • Decrease staffing overhead
  • Great accuracy at high volumes
  • Seamless integration with existing cameras
  • Includes full support
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Rekor Watchman Vehicle Recognition Software
Vehicle Recognition Software
  • Retrieve plate, make, model, color, direction of travel
  • Integrates with existing IP cameras
  • Unlimited plates on hotlists
  • FBI-CJIS compliant
  • Includes full support
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Computer screen showing ip360
Parking Management System
  • Easily manage tickets
  • Flexible court interfacing modules
  • Violation payment processing and account reconciliation
  • Customizable reports
  • Works with legacy systems
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Can we trial your solutions?

Absolutely! We have a variety of no-obligation trial options based on the solution and your particular needs. We also offer a donation of no-cost licenses to qualified public safety officials.

Can I customize my own alerts?

Not only can you customize your own alerts, you can include alerts from neighboring jurisdictions or state or national hotlists, such as NCIC.

Can I use a combination of new and existing cameras?

Yes.  Rekor makes it easy to add to an existing camera network to make sure you are maximizing your investment and increasing the effectiveness of the technology.

How do I view my vehicle and license plate recognition results?

The results are displayed in an easy-to-use, intuitive web-based interface that can be accessed from anywhere.

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