Scott Rutherford

Scott Rutherford

Chief Innovation Officer

Scott Rutherford, the co-founder of Rekor Recognition Systems, Inc., has served as Executive Vice President of Innovation since May 2019. From June 2008 through May 2019, he served in the roles of President, Director of Engineering, Chief Strategic Officer, and Chief Technical Officer. From its initial founding as Pelican Mobile in 1996, Mr. Rutherford helped guide the Company through multiple transformations as Brekford Corp. and then Brekford Traffic Safety, Inc, leading to the technology centric Rekor of today. Mr. Rutherford has more than 35 years of entrepreneurial experience in conceiving, developing and building technical solutions for clients in both the private and government sectors. He created an industry leading “one-stop-shop” for emergency vehicle upfitting, which the Company sold an 80% share to Global Public Safety in 2017. Additionally, Mr. Rutherford was instrumental in launching Rekor’s automated traffic safety enforcement (ATSE) division in 2010 and continues today to create innovative mobile-based products in connection with Rekor’s emphasis on automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology.

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