Driving efficiency,
delighting customers

Rekor's technology allows restaurants and retail owners to turn real-time insights into an enhanced customer experience that will result in greater loyalty and profitability.

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Quick service restaurants

Keep employees and customers loyal and safe and ensure quick order processing without passing devices or cards.

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Car washes

Deliver faster, customized transactions when you connect our analytics to your POS and customer loyalty programs.

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Retail shopping

Personalize offers and reward your best customers with data-driven insights at all your retail locations.

Features to transform your business

Our AI-driven technology enables restaurant and retails owners to create tomorrow's shopping experience.
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Pay by plate for faster and safer transactions

Customers desire fewer touchpoints between themselves and brands. You want to keep staff safe while still offering exceptional service. With contactless payment, keep everyone safe and happy.

  • Fast and convenient for drive-thrus, curbside pickups and car wash locations
  • Secure transactions for greater peace of mind
  • Increase loyalty and enhance the customer experience
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Grow your business with real- time insights

Gain visibility across all of your locations with advance analytics including new cars on property, loyalty customers, time in queue and early parking lot abandonment.

  • Serve more customers with reduced queue times
  • Leverage historical insights to better manage resources at each location
  • Alert key personnel of wait times, service durations and inadequate staffing levels
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Reward customers with a personalized experience from start to finish

Delight customers by giving them well-deserved loyalty rewards and real-time insights. Derive insights from customer preferences and order history across all store locations.

  • Attract more customers with data-driven insights
  • Drive loyalty with a personalized experience on property
  • Increase revenues with customized offerings
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Streamlining VeroGo's operations in Brazil

With licenses to use Rekor’s vehicle recognition technology in nearly 1,800 cameras throughout Brazil in the next 5 years, VeroGo can allow retailers the seamless ability to reward customers with discounted parking fees for in store purchases.

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