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Your single source for roadway intelligence

Rekor is all about turning data into intelligence that makes an impact. Like you, we see more than points on a map—we see families moving, entrepreneurs hustling, and people interacting. Rekor’s solutions integrate directly into daily life and daily tasks to provide the right insights at the right time, helping officials stay in sync and alert, while getting citizens where they need to be—on time and safely. With all of this, Rekor’s solutions become true force multipliers.

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What Drives rekor?

Making top-quality data easily accessible from multiple sources

Rekor is powered by people who love technology and what it can do for us. We are excited about our role in helping people move in an intelligent way—calmly, confidently, and bolstered by the knowledge that we have a more complete picture than ever of how we flow through our cities.  We are engineers of possibility who are committed to making use of what's already out there and creating what isn't yet available. We build for cities, for citizens, and for life.

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Where is Rekor Heading?

Helping to build a safer and smarter future for all

Rekor's goal has always been to put technology into action. In recent years, we've become a leader in the rapidly advancing field of intelligent infrastructure, leveraging acquisitions and partnerships to bring novel, custom-built solutions to cities and agencies. Our partners prioritize safety and efficiency, knowing that the pulse of a place comes from the way people and vehicles move around. We continue to grow from our partners' wisdom and treat every project like lives depend on it.

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Providing better, real-time intelligence

Rekor is worldwide yet locally focused, making the most of machine learning and custom-built infrastructure to show both historical trends and instant insights. Our clients range from engineering firms to government agencies, and as we work to understand their problems and goals, we move them to fully implemented solutions that change the flow of daily life in ways that matter and are measurable. Staying ahead of challenges requires trust, accuracy, and vision.

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Rekor headquarters building with tree in front
Rekor headquarters in Columbia, Maryland
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Rekor headquarters with benches and tables

Where we build the future

Rekor’s global HQ is in Columbia, Maryland, with additional offices in California, Florida, and Israel. We like where we are—in a young and fast-growing community smack-dab in between two of America's oldest cities, and up against the vital but traffic-plagued I-95 corridor. We stay patched in with transportation departments, law enforcement, and federal agencies based just down the road. Rekor is rooted close to the action, feeding our algorithms and our minds with real experience that spurs us to find solutions.