Rekor announces the sale of Rekor Edge Pro™ systems and Rekor Scout™ platform licenses to a large parking operator.

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Drive the world to be safer, smarter, and more efficient

Rekor is worldwide yet locally focused, making the most of machine learning and custom-built infrastructure to show both historical trends and instant insights. Our clients range from transportation departments to government agencies and as we work to understand their problems and goals, we provide them with fully implemented solutions that change the flow of daily life in ways that matter and are measurable. Providing invaluable roadway intelligence requires trust, accuracy, and vision—Rekor provides all of these and more.


Proprietary, secure, award-winning technology

Rekor’s award-winning technology and solutions are driving action and innovation across countless high-profile agencies and businesses. Acknowledged as a driving force in AI and machine learning, our patented tech has been featured by prominent outlets and has enabled us to further develop our global, expanding footprint. And not only is our technology compellingly unique, it is backed by industry-leading security standards and proprietary data filters.

Rekor's awards on top of a smart city background

Providing high quality, real-time solutions

Smart city with cars driving fast and data points on buildings

Accessible across the globe

With a global data and customer footprint that spans geographies and a wide variety of sources, Rekor can enable any business or community to compare, contrast, and add depth to their quest for AI-driven insights.

Autonomous vehicles with AI and data

Comprehensive data sourcing

You've got to separate the signal from the noise. Rekor's machine learning takes in a wide scope of rich information from both proprietary and third-party sources to deliver unified, ready solutions.

Woman sitting in front of laptop using Rekor One Traffic Management

Easy-to-use applications

Your people need to follow their instincts, not navigate menus. Rekor learns about how customers do their best work so that they spend less time trying to understand data and more time utilizing it.


Single platform serving multiple missions

Rekor One™ is an AI-powered platform for intelligent infrastructure that identifies and predicts incidents in the cloud, enhance public safety with agency interoperability; all while using capturing real-time video and providing traffic analytics.

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Serving multiple missions from a single system


Keep communities moving in sync and securely

Smart traffic management starts with a broad scope and clear goals. Using real-world use cases, Rekor’s AI solutions transform roadway data into real-time intelligence that provides transportation departments quality, timely results that keep everyone moving safely and on time.

Road with fast moving traffic in downtown city
Government Agencies

Make life better and safer in your jurisdiction

Public officials make their mark on history through major infrastructure projects and smart regulations. Whether it be automating manual processes or enabling contactless compliance, Rekor equips you with the tools and intelligence to create a better, safer tomorrow for your entire community.

Government Agency building in the United States
Law Enforcement

Equip officers with intelligent solutions to close more cases, faster

Keeping the peace starts with staying in the know. Rekor's advanced investigative tools combine vehicle recognition, LPR, and other data sources to identify vehicles of interest and help deploy personnel faster. The result is an efficient operation that provides extra detail to help protect your community.

Police car with lights on at nighttime
Engineering Firms

Know you're building something that will last

From blueprints to ribbon-cutting ceremonies, architects and engineers merge art and science to deliver new places and new experiences. Make the most of your abilities by leveraging Rekor’s solutions and carefully curated intelligent infrastructure data to establish the framework of a smart city.

Man in hardhat looking at road construction and conducting a study