Integrate ALPR and vehicle recognition into your apps

Our Vehicle Recognition SDK is a C/C++ library, with additional bindings in C#, Java, and Python, that reads from images or real-time video streams, processes the data, and produces license plate and vehicle recognition results.

The Vehicle Recognition SDK runs locally on Windows, Linux x86, and ARM while integrating directly with your application.

Vehicle Recognition SDK vector icon with a video and image icon flowing into an SDK icon
Two cars driving on a road with their license plates being recognized and displayed in green info boxes

Develop on-prem using two unique recognition APIs

While running locally on your hardware, the Vehicle Recognition SDK exposes two unique APIs for identifying license plates and vehicles from either still images or real-time streaming video.

The Vehicle Recognition Image API recognizes license plates and vehicles through individual images, while the Vehicle Recognition Stream API is used for license plate and vehicle recognition on videos or time-ordered image sequences.

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Packed with Features

Direct access to our recognition libraries

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Operate on-premises

No need to send data to our cloud, as our Vehicle Recognition SDK runs completely local on your own hardware to securely integrate directly into your applications.

Code in multiple languages

While our SDK is designed to work best with C/C++, additional bindings are available for C#, Java, and Python, allowing you to develop in the language you are most familiar with.

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Utilize varied sources

Whether you are sending still images or real-time video streams of vehicles, our Vehicle Recognition SDK has the ability to process both using two unique APIs and frameworks.

Supported Countries

Recognize varying plate styles across the globe

Our Vehicle Recognition SDK contains specialized training data for many license plate and number plate styles. If your country is not listed, you may still experience high accuracy rates by selecting a country with similar looking plates.

Primary regions supported:
USA, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, UAE, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, India, South Korea, Thailand, Argentina, New Zealand, Great Britain, South Africa, and more

License plates from around the world mounted to a wall
Blue Dodge Challenger parked on the side of the road with a green bounding box around it
./alpr_c_sample  cameraimage.jpg
plate: G33FGW - us-nj (98.9336195678711)
  - make: dodge (89.90132690429688)
  - color: blue (96.43530151367188)
  - orientation: 0 (96.70639038085938)
  - make_model: challenger (91.49954223632813)
  - body_type: sedan-standard (96.80194854736328)
  - year: 2010-2014 (73.43781455078125)

Easy-to-read and leverage recognition results

This example shows a standard response from processing a still image of a vehicle with the Vehicle Recognition Image API within our complete Vehicle Recognition SDK library.

Both APIs included in our Vehicle Recognition SDK can provide license plate number and state of issuance, as well as vehicle make, model, color, body type, year, and orientation.

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