DATA Collection Systems

Deploy AI-powered smart devices

Built to function in all environments and weather conditions, our systems provide individual vehicle record (IVR) data that automates traffic data collection across a variety of use cases.

Rekor Edge Max camera on vivid blue circle with white stroke

Rekor Edge Max

Class, Count, and Speed

Captures FHWA 13 classifications, vehicle counts, and speed

100 ft capture distance

Up to 6 lanes of coverage

140 mph capture speed

Dual 1080p cameras

Uses direct AC or solar power

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Rekor Edge Pro camera

Rekor Edge Pro

Vehicle Insite

Capture on-property vehicle intelligence for visitor insights

75 ft capture distance

1 to 2 lanes of coverage

70 mph capture speed

1080p camera resolution

Optimized IR illumination

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“Once we signed the contract with Rekor, it was full steam ahead. Rekor did everything. Now, it’s really hands off for us other than looking at our reports when we need them. Rekor is one of the easiest companies that we've ever implemented a new technology with.”

Lynn Spomer, Field Operations Administrator

North Dakota Parks and Recreation

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With a large inventory of devices and a nationwide team of skilled technicians, Rekor is ready to meet all demands with a rapid deployment schedule.

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