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With over three decades of unparalleled traffic data collection expertise, Rekor offers traffic data collection services using both traditional and AI-based approaches.

Our global presence features an installation base spanning the United States and several international countries, allowing us to deploy our highly experienced field staff anywhere to ensure our commercial and government clients receive tailored solutions irrespective of their geographical location.

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Blending traditional techniques with revolutionary AI

At Rekor, we believe in the power of combining both traditional and AI-powered traffic data collection methods to create comprehensive and reliable solutions for all your traffic data needs.

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AI-powered video detection
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FHWA 13-bin classification
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Radar/Lidar sensors
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Traffic impact analysis
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Origin & destination studies
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Piezoelectric sensors
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Infrared detectors
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Weigh-in-motion systems
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Travel time studies
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Inductive loop sensors
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Pneumatic road tubes
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Occupancy studies
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Manual classification
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Intersection improvements

Access your traffic data easily

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Export data in TMG formats

Download your traffic data in multiple formats (.PRN, .CSV, .PDF) that meet TMG standards in the tools you already use.

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Integrate with existing software

Rekor systems can seamlessly send captured data to Drakewell and MS2 for analysis, management, and reporting.

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Extract data through a REST API

Need direct access to your captured traffic data? Connect to our systems through a REST API and send your data wherever.

Rekor Edge Series camera systems with analytics dashboards
AI-Powered Traffic Sites

Looking to upgrade to the latest AI technology?

Agencies aiming to modernize their traffic services can seamlessly transition to Rekor's AI-powered traffic data collection systems and Class, Count, and Speed application. Rekor Edge Series offers flexible solutions, including portable and fixed data capture options. Unlike traditional methods, these systems can be swiftly deployed at roadsides, eliminating the necessity for workers to enter hazardous conditions or disrupt traffic flow.

Upgrading to AI-powered systems significantly improves efficiency and precision, enabling DOTs to meet the demands of modern traffic management effectively.

AI-Powered Data Collection

Deploy AI-powered collection systems

Built to function in all environments and weather conditions, our systems provide Individual Vehicle Record (IVR) data that automates FHWA reporting and better informs decisions.

Rekor Edge Flex camera on vivid blue circle

Rekor Edge Flex

Temporary Traffic Studies

Under 30-minute setup

Up to 6 lanes of coverage

100 ft capture distance

Battery powered

Quick and easy calibration

Captures FHWA 13 classifications, vehicle counts, and speed

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Rekor Edge Max camera on vivid blue circle with white stroke

Rekor Edge Max

Continuous Traffic Studies

2 to 4 hour setup

Up to 6 lanes of coverage

100 ft capture distance

Uses direct AC or solar power

Uninstall in under 4 hours

Captures FHWA 13 classifications, vehicle counts, and speed

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Traditional Traffic SItes

Unmatched experience and reliability

Rekor is committed to assisting agencies in achieving maximum safety and efficiency in transportation.

A traditional traffic data collection camera system deployed on the side of a road
Continuous Traffic Data Collection

Maximize traffic monitoring with proven technology

Rekor excels in deploying both traditional and AI-based continuous traffic data collection, meeting the FHWA's stringent guidelines. These sites form the foundation of statewide traffic monitoring initiatives, providing essential data for analysis. Our experts ensure accurate volume counts 24/7, 365 days a year, contributing to adjustments, trend tracking, and enhancing traffic management systems. We prioritize aligning objectives with program design, guaranteeing an efficient, goal-oriented, and cost-effective approach.

Technology available:

  • AI-based video detection
  • Piezoelectric sensors
  • Traditional video detection
  • Infrared detectors
  • Radar/Lidar sensors
  • Weigh-in-motion systems
  • Magnetometers
  • Inductive loop sensors
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Portable Traffic Data Collection

Collect traffic data portably in a variety of methods

Rekor deploys both AI-based and traditional portable traffic data collection sites, meeting Federal Highway Administration standards. Our methods include:

  • AI-based Video Detection: Extremely accurate, always up-to-date, and deployed at the roadside to keep workers safe.
  • Pneumatic Road Tube Event Recorders: Over 1500 owned, offering accurate classification, speed, and volume data.
  • Traditional Video Detection (STARS): Developed by Rekor for turning movement, pedestrian, and delay studies. Deployed by experienced technicians and processed by Rekor analysts.
  • Manual Classification: Utilizing "STARS" system for manual counts where radar or road tube tech can't be used.
  • Radar Detection: Radar units utilized for acceptable length-based classification.
  • Portable Weigh-in-Motion: Expertise in portable sensors, understanding limitations, and ensuring data accuracy.
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A car driving overtop an inductive loop tube counter
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Conduct comprehensive traffic engineering studies

Rekor conducts comprehensive engineering studies by utilizing both previous and newly collected traffic data. With our advanced analytical techniques, we transform raw data into valuable insights. Some example studies include:

  • Origin-Destination Studies: Tracking routes taken by vehicles, aiding urban planning.
  • Travel Time Studies: Enhance understanding of commuting efficiency and congestion dynamics.
  • Occupancy Studies: Assess parking lots and vehicle occupancy to provide valuable insights into utilization patterns.
  • Traffic Impacts & Operations Analysis: Predict changes due to new developments and optimize traffic control methods.
  • Access Management Studies: Develop strategies to control traffic access points.
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis: Determine eligibility for installing traffic signals.
  • Traffic Signal System Timing Analysis and Design: Optimize signal timings for efficient traffic management.
  • Intersection Improvements: Enhance intersections for increased safety and efficiency.
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“Once we signed the contract with Rekor, it was full steam ahead. Rekor did everything. Now, it’s really hands off for us other than looking at our reports when we need them. Rekor is one of the easiest companies that we've ever implemented a new technology with.”

Lynn Spomer, Field Operations Administrator

North Dakota Parks and Recreation

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