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Vehicle Insite is Rekor Discover’s next- generation, on-property vehicle intelligence application. Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and high-definition camera systems, Vehicle Insite delivers real-time traffic data to deepen the understanding of the vehicles visiting your locations, enabling enriched experiences and targeted marketing initiatives.

Rekor Edge Pro camera pointed at cars stuck in traffic. One vehicle has a pop-up providing vehicle insights.
Cars driving and parked in a parking lot. Two vehicles have white bounding boxes around them. A dashboard screenshot is in the upper left with a bar graph indicating vehicle counts and volume.
Our Features

Visit metrics to understand traffic patterns

Analyze traffic flow patterns to prepare and strategize for volume fluctuations effortlessly. Whether you're managing a bustling retail store, a busy amusement park, or a thriving event venue, Vehicle Insite empowers you to stay one step ahead of the game.

Through in-depth data analysis and real-time intelligence, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the ebbs and flows of vehicle traffic, allowing you to make well-informed decisions to ensure a seamless and efficient journey for all your visitors.

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Our features

Vehicle characteristics to focus marketing efforts

Deep dive into the origin states and vehicle types of your customer base to understand the geographical distribution and vehicle preferences of your audience. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to create hyper-focused and highly targeted campaigns that resonate with your customers, driving conversion rates and boosting your return on investment.

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An SUV is stopped at a parking gate. The SUV has a popup above it indicating the car's type and state. A dashboard screenshot with a pie graph is in the upper right.
An electric vehicle is parked at a charging station. The car has a popup indicating EV statistics. A dashboard screenshot is in the upper right showing a line graph of EV analytics.
Our Features

Electric Vehicle statistics for data-driven initiatives

Harness the power of data to accurately count and analyze electric vehicles, providing you with comprehensive statistics to optimize your EV charging infrastructure and unlock new revenue opportunities.

By understanding usage patterns, charging demands, and volume of electric vehicles at your properties, you can ensure optimal placement and utilization of charging stations, maximizing convenience for your visitors and ultimately driving customer satisfaction.

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How it works

Providing on-property vehicle intelligence

A diagram demonstrates how Vehicle Insite works. A Rekor Edge Pro drawing is on the left with the number 1. Vehicles being detected in a parking lot is number 2 and a laptop drawing with a dashboard is number 3.
Rekor Edge Pro diagram showing how the camera system works with a number one in the upper left corner

Camera systems installed at entry and exit points

Rekor Edge Pro camera systems are strategically installed at key entry and exit points of your property, offering comprehensive coverage.

Vehicles in a parking lot next to a restaurant on the water. Two cars have white bounding boxes around them. A number 2 is in a circle in the upper left corner.

Video captured as vehicles arrive or leave property

As visitor vehicles are detected entering or exiting a property, live high definition video is recorded for reliable, real-time property monitoring.

Vehicle analytics on a laptop dashboard with the number 3 in the upper left corner

AI analyzes video and sends insights to dashboard

On-property intelligence is made accessible in a user-friendly interface ensuring you can effortlessly understand the wealth of data at your disposal.


Leveraged by businesses across industries

Angel of the Winds Casino Resort logo with the hotel in the background

“Rekor Discover's Vehicle Insite application has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Using Vehicle Insite, we are able to make data-driven decisions to provide a truly personalized experience for our guests, and this is translating into a remarkable boost in customer satisfaction and business growth. It is like having a crystal ball that reveals our customers' desires and needs in real-time!”

Brad Harriss

Angel of the Winds Casino Resort

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Vehicles driving and parked in a parking lot outside of a retail business