Vehicles on a highway being classified with bounding boxes around them

Portable data collection for temporary traffic studies

Rekor Edge Flex is a non-intrusive, portable data collection system that captures up to six lanes of high-speed roadway data and transforms it into holistic traffic insights accessible within the Rekor Discover platform.

The system is perfect for temporary traffic studies lasting up to seven days and provides vehicle category classification, vehicle counts, and speed reports that adhere to TMG standards.

Rekor Edge Flex camera on vivid blue circle
Rekor Edge Flex system deployed roadside in a business parking lot

Deploy safely roadside without disrupting traffic

In 30 minutes or less a Rekor Edge Flex system can be readily deployed on the side of the road without the need for workers to enter unsafe conditions, cut into the pavement, or disrupt traffic.

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Unlock powerful performance

Up to 6 lanes, 100 ft max range

Full HD (1080p) resolution camera

Optimized infrared illumination for nighttime performance

Edge AI video processing

Powered by rechargeable batteries

Enable operational efficiency and safety

Deploy and collect data in under thirty (30) minutes

Safe roadside deployment, no need to enter roadway

Quick and easy calibration

Rapid disassembly process

Immediately access collected data

Captures per vehicle records (PVR) including FHWA 13-bin classification, count, and speed

Data collected is immediately accessible via Rekor Discover

Designed for temporary studies lasting up to 7 days


Capture and analyze traffic in real-time

How does the system work with live video of traffic?

Each Rekor Edge Flex system contains an embedded Edge Processing Unit (EPU) that can process multiple streams of high-resolution live video utilizing AI to transform that video into multi-faceted, actionable information. The Edge Flex also includes a high definition camera that is optimized for nighttime performance. Finally, the system runs on long lasting batteries that are easily hot-swappable.

What happens after the video is processed?

After processing the raw video, the video is kept securely on the device for up to 30 days and traffic collection data is sent to the cloud via a cellular connection. The data can be accessed in Rekor Discover’s web-based dashboards and can be exported in a variety of TMG-friendly formats.

Rekor Edge Flex vector diagram showing all components that make up the system

Receive advanced traffic insights

Rekor Discover’s primary Class, Count, and Speed application provides critical insights and Per Vehicle Records (PVR) that fulfill many FHWA reporting requirements and help users make better-informed decisions.

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Bar graph showing vehicle types

Vehicle category classification

Vehicle classes categorized using FHWA's 13 or 6-bin standards

Line graph showing traffic by time of day

Traffic and vehicle counting

Total average daily traffic (ADT) and location-specific vehicle counts

Line graph showing speeds of vehicles

Speed reporting

Vehicle speeds with maximum, minimum, and 85th percentile values


Systems built for all environments

Rekor Edge Series features two models that enable vehicle classification and traffic data collection for countless use cases.

Choose a system that's right for you

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Rekor Edge Flex

Rekor Edge Flex camera on vivid blue circle
Temporary traffic studies
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Rekor Edge Max

Rekor Edge Max cameras mounted to a pole
Continuous traffic studies
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Mode of delivery


Capture distance (max)

100 feet
100 feet

Lane coverage (max)

6 lanes
6 lanes

Capture speed (max)

140 mph
140 mph

Camera resolution


Day/night operation

Green checkmark
Green checkmark



4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet


Green checkmark
Green checkmark


AES 256, TLS & SSL-based encryption
AES 256, TLS & SSL-based encryption

Mount and power

Mounting style



Up to 7 days (extensible)

Solar power

Red X



NEMA rated polycarbonate
Die-cast aluminum, IP65

Ambient temperature

0°F to 115°F
0°F to 115°F

Ready to receive better roadway intelligence?

With a large inventory of devices and a nationwide team of skilled technicians, Rekor is ready to meet all demands with a rapid deployment schedule.

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