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Transform your approach to roadway management

Rekor Command is a cutting-edge, AI-driven platform created to provide Transportation Management Centers a rapid and holistic view of what is happening on the roadways. Transforming today’s roadway management by adding a digital layer fed from multiple real-time data sources, Rekor Command provides actionable alerts for more incidents, at greater speed.

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Our Features

Improve response with actionable intelligence

Man sitting at computer looking at multiple monitors in a traffic management center
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Better incident awareness

Extend the efficiency of your team by using Rekor Command to identify more events, allowing your team to focus on responding and clearing events.

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Quicker incident detection

Enable earlier response time and quicker return to normal traffic flow by using Rekor Command to shorten detection time.

Rekor Command alert displayed on a car's infotainment screen
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Community engagement

Communicate important information with the public via Twitter, Waze, 511, and even directly into partnered vehicle infotainment systems.

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Multiple data sources

Leveraging billions of roadway data points from multiple sources, our AI model understands what is expected on the roadways to identify anomalies.

OUR AI Model

Enhanced efficiency with AI-driven incident detection

Leveraging Rekor One®, our Roadway Intelligence Engine, we aggregate massive amounts of data to train our AI model to understand what is expected on the roadways, in order to identify anomalies. As the Rekor Command platform sends incident alerts, TMC operators take action to confirm, mitigate and clear the roadways of disrupting events. This real-time feedback goes back into the model for continued learning and improvement, allowing it to adapt to new scenarios and improve its accuracy over time.

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Our Improvements

Accelerating TIM performance measures

By shortening detection time, Rekor Command helps to shorten the amount of time needed to return traffic to normal flow.

Rekor Command TIM improvement graphic
Rekor Command screenshot on computer monitor with statistics about incident detection improvement
OUR Advantage

Identifying more incidents with greater speed

With Rekor Command, incidents are detected 9 minutes faster and 49% of all events are uniquely identified by Command, enabling quicker and more frequent identification and response. Enhancing Traffic Incident Management (TIM) timelines, improving traffic flow, minimizing the risk of secondary accidents, and enhancing safety for motorists and emergency responders.

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Our Dashboards

Friendly, intuitive user interface

Rekor Command a powerful tool that allows you to transform your approach to roadway management and tap into actionable insights gained from multiple disparate data sources all unified into a single view.

Alert notification screenshot in Rekor Command dashboard

Real-time event alerts

See events as they happen overlaid on top of your jurisdiction's map.

Live Camera View screenshot in Rekor Command dashboard

Live camera view

Integrate your existing assets for easy access within the platform.

Public Notification System screenshot in Rekor Command dashboard

Public notification system

Communicate with the public without leaving the dashboard.


Trusted by influential agencies

Ayalon Highways logo on top of Israel traffic

“One of the benefits is the ability of the system to supply and report data which we couldn’t get before. We can now see, according to the data analysis, that our FSPs respond to 100 to 2,000 events each month.”

Israel Shemesh, Head of Traffic Management Division

Ayalon Highways

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Nevada Highway Patrol badge with Nevada highway traffic

“With utilizing Rekor's platform, getting these calls, identifying exactly where they are, and even getting a picture of the scene, our officers know exactly where they're at so they're not responding to the wrong location...extending the time to those valuable minutes to get to the incidents to keep them safe.”

Lieutenant John Arias

Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP)

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Take command of your roadways today

At Rekor, we are driven to be your single source for roadway intelligence, providing a real-time, holistic view of what is happening on your roadways.

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