Rekor Edge Max camera system installed on the side of a road with a blue gradient overtop

Fixed license plate and vehicle recognition (ALPR)

Engineered for public safety missions and traffic speeds up to 120 mph, the Rekor Edge Max system for ALPR is deployed on the roadside of bidirectional primary roads and highways. It captures and processes license plate and vehicle data on-device within a durable enclosure and automatically sends recognition data to the Rekor Scout® software platform.

Rekor Edge Max cameras mounted to a pole

Unlock powerful performance

Up to 6 lanes of coverage

300 ft max capture distance

120 mph capture speed

1080p resolution camera(s)

On-device video processing

Optimized infrared illumination for nighttime performance

Vehicle recognition icon

State-of-the-art recognition

Advanced vehicle recognition with plate, make, type, color, and direction of travel

Accurate in day/night and all weather conditions

Read paper, temporary, and vanity plates

Real-time alerting on vehicles of interest

Operate in nearly all conditions

Outdoor rated, IP65 enclosure

4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and GPS connectivity

Operates on direct AC or solar power with continuous runtime

Permanent design for long-term safety initiatives


Incredible license plate recognition accuracy

How does the system work with live video of traffic?

Each Rekor Edge Max system contains an embedded Edge Processing Unit (EPU) that processes multiple streams of high-resolution video at once. Installed directly on the roadside, it delivers low-power computing in a compact unit, allowing us to accurately analyze license plates and vehicles from full-frame video without performing expensive processing in the cloud.

What happens after the video is processed?

After processing the raw video using our EPU, small bits of metadata containing actionable information are sent to the cloud via a low-bandwidth cellular connection. The data can then be easily accessed in Rekor Scout’s web-based dashboards.

Rekor Edge Max vector diagram showing all components that make up the system

Access and search all vehicle attributes

Built using advanced artificial intelligence with 6+ years of machine learning, Rekor Scout provides a vehicle’s license plate number, make, model, color, and direction of travel in a searchable dashboard.

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Searchable database screenshot in Rekor Scout

Searchable database

Conduct advanced searches based on full, partial, or missing plate numbers and vehicle attributes.

Live map view dashboard screenshot in Rekor Scout

Live map view

Look across your entire jurisdiction to pinpoint exactly where a license plate or vehicle was last seen.

Date picker calendar on a dashboard overlaid on top of picture of traffic

Flexible data retention

License plate and vehicle data is stored based on your policies with easy access and search filters.


Systems built for all environments

Rekor Edge Series features two ALPR models to enable license plate and vehicle recognition for countless use cases.

Choose a system that's right for you

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Rekor Edge Pro

Rekor Edge pro camera system
Businesses & neighborhoods
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Rekor Edge Max

Rekor Edge Max cameras mounted to a pole
Primary roads & highways
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Installation method


Capture distance (max)

75 feet
300 feet

Lane coverage (max)

1 lane
3 - 6 lanes

Capture speed (max)

45 mph
120 mph

Camera resolution


Dual-camera configuration

Red X

Day/night operation

Green checkmark
Green checkmark


Cellular service

Red X

Cellular modem

Red X


Red X
Green checkmark

Ethernet port

Green checkmark
Green checkmark



Mount and power

Mounting style

Surface or pole
Surface or pole

Power consumption

Avg: 7W, Max: 26W
Avg: 25W, Max: 30W

Solar power




Die-cast aluminum, IP67
Die-cast aluminum, IP65

Operational temperature

-4°F to 122°F
-22°F to 131°F

Storage temperature

-22°F to 140°F
-40°F to 149°F

Ready for better license plate recognition (ALPR)?

With a large inventory of state-of-the-art devices that are easy to deploy, Rekor is ready to level up your technology tomorrow.

High speed traffic on a California highway with vehicles being recognized using LPR