Learn how Winchester, Virginia enhanced public safety and urban mobility

Learn how Winchester, Virginia enhanced public safety and urban mobility

While initially a traffic-focused pilot, Winchester, VA quickly found powerful performance with Rekor Scout®. The technology is used daily to monitor and respond to public safety incidents in real-time.

Winchester, Virginia
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Winchester, VA
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About Winchester, Virginia

Winchester, Virginia, is a small but vibrant city located in the Shenandoah Valley, approximately 90 minutes west of Washington, D.C. With a population of around 30,000, Winchester boasts a rich history dating back to 1744. The city is characterized by its pride in civic institutions, beautifully maintained historic buildings, and a community spirit that values excellent public services. Winchester is a tight-knit community with a strong sense of tradition and a commitment to maintaining a well-run local government.

Challenges Faced by Winchester

Despite its small size, Winchester faces various challenges typical of modern urban environments. The city is determined to ensure public safety and efficient urban mobility. Initially, the city's primary concern was understanding traffic flow and improving the safety and efficiency of intersections. The city manager, Dan Hoffman, highlighted the need for better insights into roadway conditions to prevent accidents before they occur. However, as they delved deeper into the capabilities of Rekor's technology, they discovered additional benefits in the realm of public safety.

The Solution: Rekor Technology

Traffic Analytics and Beyond

Winchester's journey with Rekor began with a pilot program focusing on traffic analytics. Rekor Edge Max™ systems were deployed at various intersections to gather data on traffic patterns and detect unsafe situations. This initial phase took about nine months to a year to implement, considering the calibration and regulatory hurdles typical of such installations. The goal was to use this technology to anticipate and mitigate potential accidents by analyzing near-misses and other critical traffic data points.

Enhancing Public Safety

While the initial deployment was traffic-focused, Winchester soon realized the powerful potential of Rekor's public safety features. Rekor Scout®, an AI-powered license plate and vehicle recognition platform, quickly became an invaluable asset to the Winchester Police Department. The technology is now used daily to monitor and respond to incidents in real-time. It has proven particularly effective in identifying stolen vehicles and wanted individuals.

Dan Hoffman, the City Manager of Winchester, shared his thoughts on the impact of Rekor's technology:

"We've been pleasantly surprised at how often our officers use Rekor Scout. It has provided unexpected value, particularly in law enforcement. We've made several key arrests, including a significant case involving a federal fugitive wanted for drug trafficking. This person might still be on the streets if not for the real-time alerts from Rekor's system."

Real-Time Crime Fighting

One notable success story involves the apprehension of an individual wanted by the FBI for significant drug trafficking. This arrest, facilitated by Rekor's technology, underscores the system's impact on improving law enforcement efficiency and effectiveness. The real-time recognition capabilities of Rekor Scout allow officers to receive immediate alerts about suspicious vehicles, enabling swift and decisive action.


Winchester, Virginia, has successfully leveraged Rekor's technology to enhance both urban mobility and public safety. What started as a solution for traffic analytics evolved into a comprehensive tool that supports law enforcement and community safety. The city has not only met its initial goals but also discovered unexpected value in the capabilities of Rekor's systems.

As Winchester continues to grow within its 9.2 square miles, the city's leadership is committed to utilizing innovative solutions like Rekor to maintain safety and efficiency. The support from the state and interest from other jurisdictions further validate the success of this initiative. Winchester's experience serves as a compelling case study for other cities looking to enhance their public safety infrastructure with advanced technology.

By integrating Rekor's cutting-edge solutions, Winchester has set a benchmark for smart city initiatives, demonstrating that with the right tools, even small cities can achieve significant improvements in public safety and urban mobility.