New Rekor Discover™ Vehicle Insite Application Unlocks Unprecedented Customer Insights and Growth for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses
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August 10, 2023

New Rekor Discover™ Vehicle Insite Application Unlocks Unprecedented Customer Insights and Growth for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses



Cutting-edge AI software delivers in-depth on-property vehicle intelligence – transforming how businesses can better attract, engage, and serve customers

Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR) (the "Company"), a trusted global authority in developing and delivering roadway intelligence using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning, today announced the launch of their Vehicle Insite application as part of its Rekor Discover™ platform - a breakthrough AI-driven roadway intelligence solution created to provide vehicle and business insights for brick-and-mortar organizations including shopping malls, hotels, theme parks, destination resorts, casinos, and more.

In the face of growing competition from digital and virtual reality experiences, businesses with physical locations are grappling with new ways to attract and retain customers. Creating personalized, seamless experiences and engaging with the right customer, at the right time, in the right way has never been more crucial. Successful businesses continuously adapt their marketing strategies to attract and engage customers by creating experiences that simply cannot happen digitally. Enhancing the individual customer experience requires a comprehensive view of the customer journey, especially within physical interaction points. This begins the moment a patron drives onto the property. Traditionally, the customer insights fueling these experiences have come from archaic methods such as surveying or capturing information only after a customer walks through the front door.

Utilizing state-of-the-art AI, Rekor's Vehicle Insite application transforms traffic patterns, vehicle information, environmental conditions, and proximity data into precise and actionable insights for businesses to deepen the understanding of those customers while onsite, enabling enriched experiences and strategic marketing initiatives that encourage repeat business. As a part of the Vehicle Insite application, companies can access a rich set of features and capabilities on-demand, including loyalty programs, premier customer services, and access visitation metrics that assist in the analysis of traffic flow patterns, helping organizations better understand, prepare and plan for customer volume fluctuations. Additionally, Vehicle Characteristics that provide vehicle analytics, state of origin for example, can help drive focused geo-based marketing efforts. Lastly, Electric Vehicle ("EV") statistics deliver EV volumes and patterns to support data-driven EV services and initiatives.

"Rekor's Discover Vehicle Insite application has been a game-changer for our business. We now have an unparalleled understanding of our customers' behavior right on our doorstep," said Brad Harriss,  Angel of the Winds Casino Resort. Using Vehicle Insite we can make data-driven decisions to provide a truly personalized experience for our guests, translating into a remarkable boost in customer satisfaction and business growth. It is like having a crystal ball that reveals our customers' desires and needs in real-time."

"In the fast-paced and fiercely competitive brick-and-mortar landscape, staying ahead requires real-time, tangible insights to craft truly personalized customer experiences and steer strategic marketing endeavors with pinpoint precision," said David Desharnais, President, and COO, Rekor Systems. "With the fusion of cutting-edge AI and our unmatched expertise in roadway intelligence, Rekor Discover™ Vehicle Insite goes beyond mere data to provide businesses with an unparalleled immersion into the end-to-end customer journey right from the moment they drive onto a property."

About Rekor Systems, Inc.

Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR) is a trusted global authority in developing and delivering roadway intelligence using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning. Pioneering the implementation of digital infrastructure in our communities, Rekor is redefining infrastructure by collecting, connecting, and organizing the world's mobility data — laying the foundation for a digital-enabled operating system for the road. Our Rekor One® Roadway Intelligence Engine powers all of our platforms and applications, providing the foundation of our technology by aggregating and transforming trillions of data points into actionable intelligence through proprietary computer vision, machine learning, and data fusion. Our solutions provide actionable insights that give governments and businesses a comprehensive picture of roadways while providing a collaborative environment that drives the world to be safer, greener, and more efficient.

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