Rekor and Drakewell Unite to Unleash Next-Generation AI-Based Traffic Analytics for Departments of Transportation
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February 20, 2023

Rekor and Drakewell Unite to Unleash Next-Generation AI-Based Traffic Analytics for Departments of Transportation



Drakewell Joins Rekor Partner Network, Fueling Rapidly Growing Industry Ecosystem Hub Turning Motorized and Non-Motorized Vehicle Movements into Actionable Traffic Insights and a Comprehensive View of Roadways

Rekor Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: REKR) ("Rekor "), a global AI technology company with a mission to provide insights that build safer, smarter, and more efficient cities around the world through intelligent infrastructure, today announced that Drakewell Inc. has joined the rapidly growing  Rekor Partner Network ("RPN"). The RPN has been designed to enable and simplify roadway data analysis for transportation agencies, corporations, and private firms through its state-of-the-art software suite. The RPN is a global ecosystem of technology, data, and solution providers working together to generate the most comprehensive view of roadway data and intelligence available to solve transportation and mobility challenges and streamline innovation.  

Drakewell, the newest RPN ecosystem partner, provides fast, accurate, and shareable traffic data analytics round-the-clock for numerous transportation agencies, corporations, and private firms worldwide. Drakewell's comprehensive software suite connects seamlessly to Rekor's recently unveiled AI-based non-intrusive data collection system. It covers all aspects of a Department of Transportation's traffic data program, from tools for field operations to real-time data retrieval and short-term count processing, data evaluation, and public portals with customizable reports and visualizations. Current users include Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Georgia Department of Transportation, Caltrans District 11, Maine Department of Transportation, New York State Department of Transportation, South Carolina Department of Transportation, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Department of State Growth, Tasmania, Saudi Ministry of Transport and Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

"Drakewell's unparalleled reputation as a trusted supplier to multiple domestic and international departments of transportation is due to their unmatched access to a vast and continuously updated traffic database," said Michael Dunbar, Rekor CRO. "The integration of our state-of-the-art Rekor Edge Max and Edge Flex AI-based data collection systems with Drakewell represents a breakthrough to real-time traffic data collection and analytics for our customers and is proving to be an invaluable resource to public and private agencies looking to have a real-time, comprehensive view of all objects moving on roadways."

"Our Drakewell suite of software can fuse together data from any deployed technology or source. Our customers do not want to be tied to the inefficiency of using multiple manufacturer-specific software platforms due to an array of technology deployed on their networks to monitor traffic. By joining the RPN, we receive real-time individual vehicle records from Rekor's Edge platform, including vehicle counts, Federal Highway Administration ("FHWA") 13-bin classifications, and vehicle speed generated completely through Rekor's proprietary computer vision and machine learning technologies. This is game-changing and a strong value-adding source of insights for our customers," concluded Duncan Jamieson, Business Development Director, Drakewell.

About Rekor Systems, Inc.

Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR) is a trusted global authority on intelligent infrastructure providing innovative solutions that drive the world to be safer, smarter, and greener. As a provider of comprehensive, continuous, and real-time roadway intelligence, Rekor leverages AI, machine learning, and holistic data to support the intelligent infrastructure that is essential for smart mobility. With its disruptive technology, the Company delivers integrated solutions, actionable insights, and predictions that increase roadway safety.

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