Rekor Celebrates Black History

February 25, 2022

Rekor Celebrates Black History

As Black History Month draws to a close, we at Rekor want to take the time to speak on the importance of this month’s past, present, and future.

Only first celebrated in the very recent past of 1970, and not fully recognized by a sitting American president until 1976, Black History Month is an ever-evolving, annual commemoration devoted to education about the history of Black people and the their contributions to history.

This year's theme of ‘Black Health and Wellness’, recognizes Black leaders and scholars that have made tremendous contributions in the medical field. These contributions most notably include the understanding of community health initiatives facing the black communities for health and wellness and the encouragement of preventative care through education. The significance of these amazing Black leaders, especially during a global pandemic, cannot be understated.

At Rekor, our global organization is driven by diverse individuals embracing different opinions, ideas, talents and capabilities and proudly standing together to celebrate the advancement of equity and inclusion. To drive towards this effort, we continue to foster an environment for increasing education and awareness with our colleagues and customers.

Moreover, at Rekor, we have a diverse and inclusive work environment which enriches our workplace and enables each member of our team to reach their potential and fully contribute. We are a growing organization building a safe culture with strong benefits that support health, wellness and wellbeing. We encourage all to be proactive and mindful to seek the support they need to be healthy and well, while encouraging care through education and understanding.

We celebrate Black History, not just every February, but everyday, as we all continue to become one united community.