Southern Traffic Services sign in front of building next to data collection camera system
Southern Traffic Services team picture at the beach
Southern Traffic Services sign in front yard of office park

Who is Southern Traffic Services (STS)?

Southern Traffic Services is a recognized leader in traffic engineering and advanced traffic data collection technologies across public and private agencies. In addition to traffic data collection, STS provides traffic engineering expertise that includes design, planning, and traffic study services to government and private agencies across the United States with a strong footprint in the Southeast.

STS has collected data and installed continuous count stations in over twenty-five states and owns more traffic data collection devices and software than any other private company.


Unmatched in experience, training, and services offered

Southern Traffic Services has extensive experience with Classification, Volume, Weigh-in-Motion, and Non-Intrusive sites and has built over 2000 continuous traffic monitoring sites in which they retrieve, QA/QC, and report on the data in the client's desired format.

Services offered:

  • Pay-for-data contracts
  • Continuous traffic monitoring sites
  • Portable data collection
  • Engineering services
  • Calibration and validation services
  • Permanent bicycle / pedestrian sites
Data collection study being viewed on a tablet
Data collection cameras with solar panels mounted on a pole
Portable data collection tubes deployed on a residential road

Expanded geographic footprint and customer base

Acquiring a historically successful company like Southern Traffic Services (STS) allows for multiple opportunities to power and expand the Rekor footprint while offering more advanced sets of technology driven services to departments of transportation and urban communities within the existing STS customer base.

United States map with data points flowing across the country
Southern Traffic Services (STS) logo on bright image of traffic

Shared vision for the future of intelligent infrastructure

Rekor and STS are committed to assisting both public and private agencies with the objective of achieving maximum safety and efficiency in transportation and mobility of goods and people.

Additional highlights of this acquisition include:

  • More than 30,000 data collection sites and over 60,000 lanes of coverage throughout the United States
  • Approximately $15 million revenue with ~50% as recurring revenue and about $3 million EBITDA (management estimates for FY2022)
  • Strengthens technology portfolio while offering significant customer expansion and operational efficiency opportunities