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PUblic Safety & Contactless Compliance

Mitigate risk, enhance safety and increase compliance

Get set up in minutes to start using industry-leading tools that enable accurate searches of vehicle databases based on terms you specify. Recognize a wide array of vehicles, license plates and store easily accessible vehicle data. Enforce compliance without risk by automating manual tasks.

Rekor Scout ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) dashboard on laptop screen

Recognize, analyze, and integrate operational data

Utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to greatly surpass legacy applications and protect your community with greater certainty.

Recognize license plates and vehicles

Identify license plates with vehicle type, make, model, and color with extreme accuracy.

Search for vehicles using investigative tools

Conduct advanced searches based on full or partial plate numbers and vehicle attributes.

Fully automate compliance systems

Full-service citation management and established call-center allow for complete compliance automation.


Monitor your roadways and secure areas easily

Build your intelligence database by learning patterns and securing revenue and safety.

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Law Enforcement
Government Programs
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Private Security

Exploring new ways to push compliance? Contact us.

We know that some technological advances you have to see to believe, so let us show you how our cutting-edge solutions can work for you using real scenarios you face every day.

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