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Capture and watch HD video whenever, wherever

If a picture is worth a thousand words, HD traffic video is worth so much more—lives and money. Rekor's multi-angle, multi-roadway, data-enriched video systems give you vision where you need it, at the right time—plus the ability to deep-dive into clips for analysis and enforcement.

Live and Archival Traffic View application on a laptop screen

Monitor and analyze in real-time and after the fact

Our video solution enables authorized operators to zoom in to specific sensor video streams and rewind recordings for detail.

View all live video feeds on one single screen

Avoid the swivel and get the complete picture without multiple monitors.

Review historical footage quickly

Rewind and find an exact moment in time and adjust accordingly.

Adjust how long footage is saved

Store footage for one day or up to 30 days, based on your needs.

24/7 recording and monitoring

Recall and watch events that happen at any hour of the day.

High-quality HD video capture

Footage is captured in HD, so you can zero in and see precisely.

Simple-to-use video player controls

Scrub through your video timeline just like you are using a native application.


Watch it work across industries

Transportation departments and businesses use advanced video monitoring and review tools to stay updated and get smarter.

Police officer with back to camera wearing bullet proof vest
Workers paving a road under a bright blue sky
Roadway Maintenance
Traffic management responder communicating on a headset
Traffic Management
Public bus zooming down the road in a city
Transit Providers

See more clearly with Rekor. Contact us today.

Test your roadway vision and see how much clearer it could be using Rekor's live and archival video solutions.

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