Capture vehicle class, count, and speed automatically

Using artificial intelligence, the Class, Count, and Speed application within Rekor Discover™ fully automates the safe capture of FHWA 13 vehicle classifications, vehicle counts, and speed utilizing high-resolution video streams to deliver ground truth studies.

Smart devices are deployed at the roadside where they utilize AI-powered edge processing to automatically analyze live video streams of active traffic to provide powerful roadway intelligence.

A Rekor Edge Max camera pointed at traffic on a highway. The vehicles are classified with a popup that indicated their vehicle class.
Different infrastructure types in a grid with Rekor logo and sunburst in center
Our Approach

Disrupt the status quo without disrupting traffic

Current approaches to traffic data collection utilize outdated technologies that are unsafe, costly, unscalable, resource straining, and single purpose. As historic infrastructure investments are being made to transform our communities, Rekor’s technology and innovations are spearheading the future of urban mobility and supplanting traditional approaches.

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Automate safe and accurate roadway intelligence capture

With options for both portable data capture and fixed data capture, our Rekor Edge Series systems are deployed quickly and easily on the side of the road without the need for workers to enter unsafe conditions, cut into pavement, or disrupt traffic.

Each system contains an embedded Edge Processing Unit (EPU) that analyzes multiple streams of high-resolution video, on-device, without the need to perform expensive processing in the cloud.

Rekor Edge Series camera systems with analytics dashboards
DATA Collection Systems

Deploy AI-powered smart devices

Built to function in all environments and weather conditions, our systems provide per vehicle record (PVR) data that automates FHWA reporting and better informs decisions.

Rekor Edge Flex camera on vivid blue circle with white stroke

Rekor Edge Flex™

Short-term Traffic Studies

Under 30-minute setup

Up to 6 lanes of coverage

130 ft capture distance

Battery powered

Configurable remotely

Captures FHWA 13 classifications, vehicle counts, and speed

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Rekor Edge Max camera on vivid blue circle with white stroke

Rekor Edge Max™

Long-term Traffic Studies

2 to 4 hour setup

Up to 6 lanes of coverage

130 ft capture distance

Uses direct AC or solar power

Uninstall in under 4 hours

Captures FHWA 13 classifications, vehicle counts, and speed

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Access your traffic data easily

Person typing on a laptop with various file formats in the foreground

Export data in TMG formats

Download your traffic data in multiple formats (.PRN, .CSV, .PDF) that meet TMG standards in the tools you already use.

Rekor Discover logo with a bidirectional arrow indicating integration with MS2 and Drakewell

Integrate with existing software

Rekor systems can seamlessly send captured data to Drakewell and MS2 for analysis, management, and reporting.

REST API text in a circle with a female in the background touching screen

Extract data through a REST API

Need direct access to your captured traffic data? Connect to our systems through a REST API and send your data wherever.


Secure valuable sustainability analytics

Add on our Sustainability Reporting application to pinpoint emissions hotspots and identify electric vehicle (EV) types / quantities — perfect for agencies looking to make their cities greener and more efficient.

GHG Emissions on a dashboard with a donut chart

Estimated GHG from vehicles

Greenhouse gas and smog emissions per roadway by volume and location

Electric Vehicle counting on a map with numbers and pinpoints

Electric vehicle counting

Electric vehicle counts per roadway by quantity and frequency

Electric Vehicle Identification on a dashboard with a donut chart

Electric vehicle identification

Electric vehicles broken down by vehicle make and quantity


Trusted by influential agencies

North Dakota Parks and Recreation logo with a road and bison

“Once we signed the contract with Rekor, it was full steam ahead. Rekor did everything. Now, it’s really hands off for us other than looking at our reports when we need them. Rekor is one of the easiest companies that we've ever implemented a new technology with.”

Lynn Spomer, Field Operations Administrator

North Dakota Parks and Recreation

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