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Make infrastructure building and compliance easier

Local, state, and national governments are expected to maintain infrastructure and keep a variety of stakeholders informed. Where citizens are both the data points and the partners of government officials, Rekor helps agencies make sure that their operations are effective and transparent. The result is improved mobility and safety that is visible, with a material impact on daily life.

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Minimize burdens and potential enforcement danger

In this always-on, connected era—and with health concerns associated with close contact—it has never been more important to keep government interaction with citizens clear, drama-free, and digital. Rekor provides government agencies with operational data and essential solutions to minimize dreaded long registration lines, cut down on tense traffic stops, and make it easier for citizens and businesses to stay on the right side of the law and regulations.


Grow your infrastructure based on traffic trends

Prosperity brings change that can drastically alter the way our cities look, feel, and move. From zoning decisions to street and green corridor planning, agencies have to stay ahead of the curve. Rekor’s multi-source data and advanced solutions equip agencies with foresight. This foresight prevents clogged roadways, informs utility line expansions, helps layout new shopping areas, and demonstrates proactive growth strategies. Rekor brings your city’s future into view right away.

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Help every step of the way

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Solution development and design

Consult with our product experts who will assess your community safety goals. We will then design and present a solution specific to your community.

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Funding and finance analysis

Our team of grant experts will assess your community goals and proposed programs to find and recommend strategic grants to target. We will even help write responses!

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Custom feature implementation

Form a true partnership with Rekor and work in tandem to brainstorm and actualize custom features specific to you, your agency, and your jurisdiction.

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Facilitate major projects through automation

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Enforce laws remotely

Identify license plates and vehicles to send warnings from a distance instead of sending officers and agents.

Send automated notices

Help citizens avoid fines and frustration by feeding systems with triggers and unique identifiers.

Partner with agencies

Share data across agencies rapidly and securely to recognize complex and critical linkages.

Categorize vehicles by type

Manage roadway wear and plan city infrastructure using aggregated data to distinguish vehicle types.

Identify visiting traffic

Parse local traffic from occasional visitors to stabilize infrastructure for special events and tourism.

Activate green iniatives

Encourage citizens to go green confidently with real-world, real-time emissions analytics.


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