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North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department Selects Rekor One to Modernize Data Collection and Scale

North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department Selects Rekor One to Modernize Data Collection and Scale

Platform Will Pilot at Three State Parks to Assess Usage

Rekor Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: REKR) (“Rekor”) (the “Company”) a Maryland-based company providing real-time roadway, customer and public safety intelligence to enable AI-driven decisions, today announced that the State of North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD) has selected the Company’s Rekor One™ solution to help state park leadership understand use patterns and plan for future needs.

Rekor One will replace an antiquated, inductive loop system that required manual data collection and entry. Initially, NDPRD will include three properties in a pilot—Icelandic State Park, Fort Stevenson State Park and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. The ultimate plan is to implement Rekor One at all 15 destination properties managed by NDPRD.

With Rekor One, governments will be able to leverage their existing or new IP cameras and transform them into a safe and smart, multi-dimensional, intelligent roadway network. Rekor One will provide NDPRD with actionable data from a variety of sources and facilitate rapid communication, collaboration and strategic decision making.

“NDPRD offers a diversity of recreational opportunities. Rekor One will allow them to gather accurate information about vehicles on-premises in case of any emergencies and the opportunity to develop integrated marketing based on park usage,” said Robert A. Berman, CEO of Rekor Systems.

Rekor One can operate on any IP-enabled traffic or security camera, and results are displayed on a web-based interface, which can be accessed from anywhere making it ideal for the State’s extensive and often remote parklands. The platform supports smart permitting and traffic management, offering NDPRD leadership insight into visitor demographics such as state of origin and frequency of visitation. This solution will initially be used by state park leadership to help understand use patterns and for marketing and future planning needs.

“NDPRD has seized on a great opportunity to modernize its infrastructure with a system that will scale with the department’s needs and still remain affordable,” said Berman. “Future benefits can include comprehensive, automated permitting, code enforcement, wanted-vehicle identifications, customer loyalty and education programs, and AMBER and Silver alerting.”

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