Rekor Systems Chosen by City of Winchester, VA to Provide Smart Traffic Analytics
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January 6, 2022

Rekor Systems Chosen by City of Winchester, VA to Provide Smart Traffic Analytics



Rekor One™ Traffic Management and Public Safety platform provides real-time intelligence to support decision making across multiple government agencies

Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR) ("Rekor" or the “Company”), a global AI technology company with a mission to build safer, smarter, and more efficient cities through intelligent infrastructure, has been chosen by the City of Winchester, Virginia (“the City”) to provide AI-powered infrastructure solutions. The Rekor One™ intelligence platform delivers Traffic Management and Public Safety solutions that serve multiple missions for the City of Winchester. Rekor One™ was chosen for a six-month pilot through a competitive bid process because of its high performance, multiple agency applications, and ability to work with existing infrastructure. The platform includes a suite of integrated solutions that support multiple management functions to enhance the safety and quality of life for the City’s citizens. It will enable the City to strategically and proactively manage its traffic and improve public safety, simultaneously improving incident management and traffic patterns using real time data, while providing advanced analytics that support green initiatives and other planning functions. Rekor recently announced a similar pilot in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

At the conclusion of the pilot, the City of Winchester can, at its sole discretion, choose to transition to a comprehensive annual subscription model priced at $455,000 per annum for the nine-square-mile city. This subscription would cover all elements of the pilot along with the implementation of additional traffic sensors, soft infrastructure, and requisite training needed.  Official terms are subject to final negotiations.

Rekor One™ will aggregate data from roadway sensors and third-party sources to identify issues and report actionable information to enable Winchester to better understand and manage its traffic and public safety. This is particularly important during tourist season where there is a significant increase in vehicles and citizens across the city infrastructure. It will also provide analytics that allow the City to easily understand the impact of tourism on its infrastructure in finer detail. For instance, Rekor One™ will aggregate de-identified data collected at the roadway and deliver reporting and analytics combine with third party data to provide city managers with new insights about visitors to Winchester, the northern gateway to the Shenandoah Valley. City officials will receive interagency alerts on incidents in real time in tandem with other actionable analytics, allowing them to make thoughtful faster and better informed decisions about their own, unique roadways.

“Winchester had a very clear vision of what it needed to understand about their roadways to better serve their citizens,” said Robert A. Berman, President and CEO, Rekor. “Rekor One™ delivers a full solution that meets and even exceeds the City’s requirements and can be implemented quickly and easily.”

The Rekor One™ platform also allows Winchester to gain insights from its traffic data to improve citizens’ commutes, understand vehicle type and tonnage, including instances of electric vehicles, traveling on its roadways, and estimate greenhouse gas emissions coming from traffic and congestion. The pilot program will inform multiple agencies about the possible ongoing use of the platform and help citizens understand its benefits. Law enforcement will be able to access portions of this data and analytics through the secure Rekor One™ Public Safety solution, while transportation and other City departments can use the Rekor One™ Traffic Management solution to address issues around congestion, roadway safety and incident management.

“Winchester welcomes tens of thousands of visitors a year in addition to our 28,000 residents, so traffic can fluctuate considerably on a daily basis,” said Dan Hoffman, Winchester’s City Manager. “We wanted to better understand this traffic and make sure that people traveling around and through the City had a positive and safe experience. Rekor provides us a valuable opportunity to study how we can use AI technology to help us become a roadway intelligence leader. This is a significant advantage to our City and its role as a regional center.”

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