Learn how Oklahoma increased car insurance enrollment and made their roads safer

Learn how Oklahoma increased car insurance enrollment and made their roads safer

The Oklahoma District Attorneys Council was seeking a technology partner that could help reduce the number of uninsured drivers on Oklahoma's roads. Rekor AutoNotice™ exceeded all expectations when looking at a customizable solution.

Oklahoma UVED Program
Government Agency
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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The Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion (UVED) Program is a state-wide initiative aimed at reducing the number of uninsured vehicles on our roadways. The program is operated by the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council (DAC) and was created primarily due to the fact that Oklahoma is ranked number one in the nation for uninsured motorists with 1 in 4 drivers uninsured, despite the legal obligation to have coverage.


The state of Oklahoma needed a way to reduce the number of uninsured drivers and make their roads safer. Additionally, the state wanted to alleviate the burden insured drivers felt as they were saddled with the cost of property damage and medical bills, as well as higher premiums stemming from accidents involving uninsured motorists.

During its original launch in 2018, the Oklahoma DAC selected a different vendor to initialize and operate the UVED program. However, that previous vendor failed to meet countless critical benchmarks and did not provide the Oklahoma DAC with the necessary volume and flexibility. Upon learning of these issues, Rekor reached out and offered to work with that vendor to fill in the missing gaps. However, this outreach was rebuffed by said vendor and the problems remained.


When the contract with the previous vendor came up for renewal, the Oklahoma DAC declined to extend and issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) seeking a new technology partner. Having already gotten familiar with the program, Rekor responded with a solution centered around their Rekor AutoNotice™ application. Rekor AutoNotice is cloud-based and provides complete violation identification and notice management. The application leverages operational data to detect vehicles in violation of road regulations and laws -- in this case, lapsed or lack of insurance. Violation events are placed in a queue for approval and when approved, a notice is automatically generated, printed, and mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.

After reviewing all submitted proposals, the Oklahoma DAC quickly selected Rekor due to the Contactless Compliance application exceeding all expectations when looking at a high-volume, customizable solution.

"Rekor was the only bidder to offer a secure, complete solution platform within the framework of single-vendor accountability. This partnership gives UVED an outcomes-oriented approach for non-compliant vehicles, reducing the burden on the criminal justice system while assisting Oklahoma citizens in getting insured." - Amanda Arnall Couch, Oklahoma UVED Program Director


After being selected, Rekor got to work right away and assigned dedicated Field Technicians to Oklahoma. The technicians surveyed the area and installed proprietary optical sensors at primary junctions and stretches of roadway across the entire state. Moreover, Rekor was able to overlay modern, AI-powered recognition software on Oklahoma's current network of sensors to supercharge their previously installed infrastructure.

Once all infrastructure was deployed and optimized, Rekor conducted system on-boarding sessions to train all necessary Oklahoma DAC employees. These sessions consisted of management dashboard walkthroughs and an overview of the non-compliant notice approval process.

In addition to dedicated training, support, and technicians, Rekor provides both English and Spanish-speaking customer service members to assist Oklahoma citizens with their notices and help them get fair insurance rates.


The Oklahoma UVED program saw immediate and drastic results from implementing Rekor technology.

With over a year since Rekor took over the UVED program, Oklahoma has seen an average of 84 UVED enrollments per day, up from 18 with the previous vendor. Additionally, Oklahoma has been able to cut uninsured vehicles in the state from over 350,000 to just under 200,000, with the number dropping daily.

The Oklahoma DAC continues to work in close connection with Rekor to refine and maintain the program's efficiency. Software updates are rolled out regularly while hardware sensors are vigorously monitored and maintained.