Law Enforcement

Equip officers with solutions to close more cases, faster

Keeping the peace starts with staying in the know. Rekor's advanced set of investigative tools combines vehicle recognition, LPR, and other data sources to provide detailed, live intelligence to dispatchers and personnel on the ground. The result is an efficient operation that keeps your community safe.


LPR and roadway intelligence made extremely accessible

Rekor will install state-of-the-art Rekor Edge Series cameras for just $100/month per camera* to capture roadway and vehicle information and provide advanced insights to improve community safety.

NO complicated set-up

NO hardware

NO fees for maintenance

*Pricing requires a 5-year program commitment with 10-camera minimum and participation in Rekor Public Safety Network and sharing of de-identified data. Option for 3-year program at $150/camera/month, or no-contract at $200/camera/month each with 10-camera minimum.


Help every step of the way

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Solution development and design

Consult with our product experts who will assess your community safety goals. We will then design and present a solution specific to your community.

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Funding and finance analysis

Our team of grant experts will assess your community safety goals and proposed ALPR program solution to recommend strategic grants to target.

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Installation service and support

System deployment is made easy with installation services provided by Rekor or an authorized partner, including CJIS integration assistance.

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Save time and resources

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Industry leading accuracy

Obtain actionable vehicle insights with outstanding license plate and vehicle identification accuracy.

Fast and easy set-up

Forget a long set-up process, get your system up and running with no complicated equipment.

Searchable vehicle database

Conduct advanced searches based on full or partial plate numbers and even distinct vehicle characteristics.

Flexible data retention

License plate and vehicle data is stored based on your agency’s requirements with adjustable control.

Individual & shared hotlists

Create your own hotlists or tap into NCIC, AMBER & Silver alerts. Share hotlists with neighboring agencies.

User controlled data sharing

Gain instant access to the Rekor Public Safety Network to leverage and share secure data nationwide.


Let's make your community safer!

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