Rekor Announces Revolutionary New Roadway Intelligence Platform
Press Release

October 12, 2020

Rekor Announces Revolutionary New Roadway Intelligence Platform

Unique System to Speed Actionable Insights, Reduces Costs and Increases Revenue for Government Agencies
Rekor One’s™ proprietary technology has six patents pending

Rekor Systems, Inc., (REKR) (“Rekor”) (the “Company”) a Maryland-based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, today announced Rekor One™,  a new platform that will serve as a unifying source of roadway intelligence for government agencies across cities, counties and states. The platform will support multiple community safety, intelligent roadway and revenue generation activities.

Rekor One will provide government agencies with a comprehensive vehicle intelligence system that supports multiple agency-specific missions. With Rekor One, governments will be able to leverage their existing IP cameras and transform them into a safe and smart multi-dimensional intelligent roadway network. By interfacing with multiple databases and operating systems, Rekor One will allow governmental units to observe security and privacy protocols and fractionalize costs based on relative end user value. Each participating agency receives a unique user interface and dashboard, which draws on Rekor One’s unified vehicle recognition intelligence to provide data customized to the agency’s specific needs. This will eliminate redundant systems and single function applications to help use public funds wisely.

“We are launching Rekor One to help governments streamline critical public safety and roadway information across their agencies,” said Robert Berman, President and CEO, Rekor. “Each individual agency will have the capability to both reduce capital expenditures and collect different data driven insights – all from the same cameras -- securely and in real time. This platform strengthens our commitment to assist the public sector in the creation of smarter roadways, safer communities and smart cities.”

Rekor Chief Science Officer Matt Hill sees the platform as a powerful enabler for the Company’s governmental and commercial customers: “We are committed to providing results that are not only faster and more reliable, but also more cost effective. The proprietary tools included in Rekor One are designed to promote interoperability and further support the vision inspired by our open source project, OpenALPR. Rekor One will interface with multiple programming languages and support multiple operating systems. It will provide actionable data from a variety of sources and facilitate rapid communication, collaboration and strategic decision making for all participating agencies.”

Rekor One will enable many uses for vehicle recognition intelligence from sensors across the public sector, including:


Rekor One will provide transportation agencies with extensive traffic monitoring capabilities, including identifying congestion patterns and helping to improve traffic flow in real time. AI-driven insights from the platform, including historical volume counts, vehicle class and type, and tonnage calculations, can inform infrastructure planning and budgeting efforts. Rekor One will also provide electronic vehicle counts and related data for emissions calculations to support pollution reduction and climate change initiatives.


Rekor One will give law enforcement agencies superior management capabilities for license plate and vehicle recognition data from fixed, mobile, or handheld sensors across the Rekor One network. With the platform, law enforcement will have access to data on vehicle make, model and color, along with license plate information, to accelerate investigations, assist in the apprehension of criminals, and supercharge the recovery of AMBER and Silver alerts.

Additionally, if a vehicle is traveling at a dangerous speed or in the wrong direction or encounters an obstruction in the roadway, Rekor One will deliver real-time alerts that allow for efficient action and correction by the proper agency, minimizing the risk of accident and injury.

These capabilities have been proven effective in more than 70 police departments in 6 countries around the world, including 24 states nationwide. With them, Rekor has quickly documented success in accelerating investigations, increasing recovery of stolen property, reducing accident risk and enhancing community relations.


With many cities and states facing substantial budget pressure due to lost tax and tourism dollars, the Rekor One platform will provide multiple opportunities to improve revenue outcomes. The platform will aid in identifying licensing and registration non-compliance, uninsured motorists and unpaid parking violations. This will allow agencies to create targeted intervention programs that result in increased safety as well as increased revenue recovery. Smart parking and permitting are also important capabilities that increase government efficiency and provide better citizen and visitor experience. As part of traffic management, Rekor One will also support advanced tolling and congestion pricing as well as parking and other fees.

Tailored and priced based on the specific needs of each agency, Rekor One will allow multiple agencies to share the costs of the system, maximizing public resources and increasing government efficiency. Rekor’s significant competitive price advantage can thus be used to reduce overall costs as well as allocate them appropriately based on value added considerations.  

Rekor One’s proprietary technology has six patents pending, demonstrating Rekor’s continuing commitment to innovation in vehicle recognition and its applications for government agencies. The patents include privacy enhancements, intelligent use of data across multiple end users and agencies, smarter image processing, advanced vehicle identification techniques, and the improved aesthetics of roadside equipment.

The Rekor One platform will incorporate most of the products and services available today from Rekor. A limited number of the features and functions being added to the platform remain in the development or testing stage and are expected to become available in the next few months.

The Company also announced it has published a new investor presentation, which provides an update on market dynamics and key growth opportunities.  This presentation can be found on the Investors page of the Company’s website.